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"The coffee arrived this morning thank you for such a fast turnaround. It is always a good sign when my postman doesn't want to hand over the package, having made his van smell good all morning!"


"Best coffee I have ever had! Never had such fruity fresh coffee almost like a different drink to the normal supermarket rubbish! Keep up the good work!.."


What lovely coffee Gary, thank you so much. Delivered in double quick time and tastes fantastic!


Lovely coffee, would recommend it as an addition to those christmas hampers....sorry to bring up the c word already....


"The Brazilian coffee arrived yesterday - hubby thrilled with it thank you so much. Will be coming back for a repeat order! The darker roast obviously worked - he says its lovely and bitter :) Very hard to find these days - the 'new smoother' versions - he hates!"


"your coffee is exxxxxcellent!!! "


"Im turned! This coffee is fantastic, comparing this coffee to supermarket coffee, is like comparing super market coffee to instant! Get freshly roasted beans people, much nicer!"


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